About Me

My name’s Lily and I currently live in Luxembourg. I’ve just spent the past five years in Scotland and I miss living in the UK. Looking for a publishing job in London. Here’s a little bit about myself.

Graduating with a 2:1 in English Literature & French from The University of Glasgow in 2012, I started to think about my future. I always thought I would gravitate naturally towards teaching but it seems I always knew that I wanted to aim towards something else.

Researching postgraduate courses and applying for jobs, it finally dawned on me what I was supposed to be doing. I LOVE reading and I LOVE books, always have, hence the poor eyesight from reading with a torch under my covers. It hit me as I saw there was such thing as Publishing courses. I, personally, could be actively involved in creating beautiful books. It was meant to be, I applied and was accepted in less than 24 hours.

So the academic year of 2012 to 2013 was pretty hectic. I had been offered a job but decided to take my chances and follow my heart. It was a risk and so far I think it was a risk worth taking. This is only the initial stages of unemployment though, I might not be so forgiving of myself a few more months down the road. I moved to Edinburgh, found a flat and a part-time job and was ready to start the initial stages of my publishing career.

A year flew by and I discovered I have an eye for detail which even I wasn’t aware of it’s true potential. I also ascertained that editorial work is where my heart lies. True happiness won’t be found until I’m surrounded by words.

MSc Publishing degree nearly in hand, I’ve been interning for an online media company in Luxembourg, a small publisher from the UK and writing my dissertation. Lots to keep me occupied but I can’t wait until I get my first proper publishing job.



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